Spotlight: Fadik Atasoy

Spotlight: Fadik Atasoy

Hosted by Leah Marsh and Karen Meena, there was a warm welcome to Fadik Atasoy. You can find Fadik teaching yoga in Beverly Hills at Namastday Yoga Center or on television as an actress!

Fadik is wearing NO KA'OI an exceptional design from Italy meaning 'the best'. The seamless layering, style and matching of colors that this brand offers is top quality found at Ron Robinson

Big thank you to Tammy and Fabi founders of Eat Organix sustainable, healthy meal delivery for bringing these breakfast samples and offering a 15% discount to all Fit Girl members. To support your Fit Girl community, visit and enter in FITGIRLCLUB15 for 15% off!

Also, shout out to Saara founder of Goldyn Glow a turmeric blend that will solve many of your health problems. Buy a packet now and support a member! She won us over with her banana turmeric smoothie and there' s a couple different blends to choose from. 

Spotlight: Holly Holton

Spotlight: Holly Holton

Fit Girl Club members showing up in numbers for Holly Holton's fitness class at Ron Robinson 

Holly generously offers 1 week FREE of unlimited classes and then 10% off of all monthly memberships forever if you decide to join for all Fit Girls at her Hollywood studio Burn Babe!

Thank you to BLK water and rxbar for sharing your product with our fitness friends! 

Holly is wearing the gorgeous Ultracor which you can find at Ron Robinson

To add essential oils to your life, reach out to member Tali from DoLife LA

March Studio of the Month

Instead of choosing a studio for March, we decided to pick a virtual one called Mission 360. Check it out! This month we hosted two meet ups at Bloomingdales in Santa Monica and Beverly Center, thanks for joining us!!


How to Survive a Busy Work Week

We all have those weeks where attending a workout class is a luxury. So if you can't make it to a gym, we suggest joining this month's virtual studio of the month Mission 360! 

To be prepared is to stay focused... Below are a range of emotions you might also experience throughout a busy work week and ways I prevent disruption in my production... 

- HANGRY - What a waste of time! A good rule of mine to avoid serious mood swings is to stay fueled which helps me stay alert and why I am really loving Eat Organix lunch and dinner meal delivery this past month! If I'm not prepared, I can end up spending $50 or more on just one meal during the week from Postmates or going out to dinner.  I've been so thankful for having these salads and dinners ready to eat PLUS I trust that all the ingredients are sourced organically and responsibly.  For the dinners, sometimes I put two of them out and eat them tapas style with my boyfriend and we share, so if you have dinner plans or have some recipes you wanted to try this week - you can easily mix and match the meals with someone you love. 

Email Fit Girl Club member Tammy and start your delivery today- plus a 15% discount for being a Fit Girl!

- SAD - It's scientifically impossible to be sad after a workout thanks to our body's endorphins and serotonin! I'm running around so much sometimes that I can't find the energy to make the gym - which is why I have a membership to Mission 360, a virtual studio offering online classes with some of the best teachers. I suggest taking Maxine Hupy's Beach Ballet Body then conveniently hopping into your own shower. We just hosted a meet up at Bloomingdales featuring this class too!

- FOR HAPPY - When you're happy, it's the best time to practice self-care and self-love. Lather on some of Fit Girl Club's favorite coconut oil for an at home hair conditioning treatment one night after taking a restorative yoga or meditation class online. Buy one here and your purchase also gives someone in need a full meal. Do good while looking and feeling good :)


- FOR STRESS - Essential oils always! Keep them in your purse and remind yourself to keep them close. Not surprising to wellness experts, these scents really do change moods. My favorite is turning on a diffuser and adding uplifting or gentle blends. We like DoLife LA. 

- FOR COMFORT - Head over to Joi's store Rocks & Silk to treat yourself to some new pajamas or just some good girl time. All Fit Girls get 15% off too!

Eberjay pajamas are so soft and a must have!

Eberjay pajamas are so soft and a must have!



February Studio of the Month

Jumping into February, we chose Pilates Platinum for our February Studio of the Month because it is all about your core! Everyone that attended was trying Pilates for the first time, so we hope this was a great opportunity to check something off your bucket list and that you continue it!

Pilates Platinum has four locations in Los Angeles: Brentwood, Hollywood, Santa Monica and Venice. Heather Dorak, owner and female entrepreneur, welcomed the Fit Girl Club members by hosting four private beginner classes! We are so grateful for Harmless Harvest and noosa for providing snacks and drinks for after the classes. 

If you missed these meet ups, you can still try Pilates and we encourage you to do so! Let Heather know you're a Fit Girl for some extra love, but she's also offering your first class for $5 if you email! Check out her website for more info: 

Pajama Party Pop Up

Big thank you to our girl Joi Davis, stylist to the stars, for hosting our girls in her Brentwood store Rocks & Silk where she sells all the best and most comfortable pajamas, lingerie, jewelry, hats and really cute clothes! Definitely swing by if you have any gifting to do - she even gift wraps and has cards - you can literally find anything for any woman in there! For our pajama party, we had Tali  from DoLife LA share her essential oils with everyone and then Mallory from Balance By You lead us through a short, yet meaningful meditation while sipping rose champagne and eating the Thin Mints that Lisa brought!!  Visit Rocks & Silk next time you shop and let Joi know you're a Fit Girl for a discount. The store is located next to Kreation and Burn 60!

8 Things Needed to Keep Wellness in Mind At Work


It's hard to stay balanced, let alone take care of yourself while you're taking care of everyone else. What if we told you that by preparing for those moments, we found things that can possibly prevent those mood swings? Here's 8 ways to keep wellness in mind at work:

1. Essential Oil blends from doLife LA- she custom makes blends for you! My favorites are Date Night and one called Pure Bliss. I always have lavender on hand as well as lemon to add to my water. Also, would it be weird to have a diffuser in your office? If not, you should. No brainer. Tali will tell you exactly what you need. She's our essential oil guru around here. 

2. Desk Calendar - Stay on top of things! Write things down. Doodle if you think of it. Make the desk calendar your own and don't be afraid to create a collage of your week ahead if you want to vision it out. It's yours. My favorite calendar is by Graphic Image where, yes I splurge - BUT it's like a diary of every year and now that I have close to six of them, I love that they're all the same and bound well. Does anyone else do this?

3. Rose Water - By far, the most grounding thing to do is to take a deep breath, grab a glass of fresh water and, if you're lucky, drop a capful of rose oil in it. It sounds luxurious, but I'm telling you there are benefits. Stop and smell the roses before you sip. Keep this authentic Bulgarian-rose concentrate in your desk for every day use. I like Royal Sense - plus they sponsor a lot of our events so thank them with a purchase! They're available at your local store or online


4. Swell water bottle - reusable and it keeps your water cold or warm. I especially love my rose water cold in this bottle. Plus it fits a whole bottle of wine for those let's go to the beach at midnight, but not get in trouble with glass times... Buy yours here. 

5. Sunscreen - you really never know when you're going to have a conversation outside, so if you forget to put it on at home - keep an extra 50SPF in your drawer to avoid skin damage on face and hands. I like this one.

6. Prepped meals - We love Eat Organix lunches and dinners the most! Tammy Nguyen is a Fit Girl Club member and cofounder of Eat Organix, so not only is this is freshest meal delivery service, but you support a fellow woman in business. In return, she'll help you achieve the weight loss goals through eating healthy and without a fuss.  Try the program for 5 days and use code email Tammy - tell her your a Fit Girl for 15% off your first delivery. Packed in biodegradable packaging and using organic ingredients, yes please! Thank you!


7. A coffee mug. Your very own mug that defines you as a person. Not only will this mug make you smile, but you'll never have to use plastic for a glass of water and can always have tea. 

8. Lastly, Anti Bad Vibes Spray - refresh your space with this crisp, clean antibacterial good-smelling spray from a local in Venice that I've never met. I love this spray so much. 

January Studio of the Month

To kick off the new year, we decided to pick AIR  for our January Studio of the Month because flying fearless is a theme we'd like to conquer in this year's obstacles and aerial makes you do just that! Everyone that attended was trying aerial for the first time, which we also encourage for every day living so we hope this was a great opportunity to check something off your bucket list!

Air is located off Third Street and La Cienega in Los Angeles --  Lindsey Duggan, owner and female badass, welcomed the Fit Girl Club members by hosting two private beginner classes that definitely made us sweat! We are so grateful for noosa, berripro and vTrue for providing snacks and drinks for after the class.

If you missed these meet ups, you can still try aerial and we encourage you to do so! Let Lindsey know you're a Fit Girl for some extra love, but she's also offering your first class for $1 if you use the discount code AIRLA at check out. 

Here's a slideshow of everyone's posts!: