8 Things Needed to Keep Wellness in Mind At Work


It's hard to stay balanced, let alone take care of yourself while you're taking care of everyone else. What if we told you that by preparing for those moments, we found things that can possibly prevent those mood swings? Here's 8 ways to keep wellness in mind at work:

1. Essential Oil blends from doLife LA- she custom makes blends for you! My favorites are Date Night and one called Pure Bliss. I always have lavender on hand as well as lemon to add to my water. Also, would it be weird to have a diffuser in your office? If not, you should. No brainer. Tali will tell you exactly what you need. She's our essential oil guru around here. 

2. Desk Calendar - Stay on top of things! Write things down. Doodle if you think of it. Make the desk calendar your own and don't be afraid to create a collage of your week ahead if you want to vision it out. It's yours. My favorite calendar is by Graphic Image where, yes I splurge - BUT it's like a diary of every year and now that I have close to six of them, I love that they're all the same and bound well. Does anyone else do this?

3. Rose Water - By far, the most grounding thing to do is to take a deep breath, grab a glass of fresh water and, if you're lucky, drop a capful of rose oil in it. It sounds luxurious, but I'm telling you there are benefits. Stop and smell the roses before you sip. Keep this authentic Bulgarian-rose concentrate in your desk for every day use. I like Royal Sense - plus they sponsor a lot of our events so thank them with a purchase! They're available at your local store or online


4. Swell water bottle - reusable and it keeps your water cold or warm. I especially love my rose water cold in this bottle. Plus it fits a whole bottle of wine for those let's go to the beach at midnight, but not get in trouble with glass times... Buy yours here. 

5. Sunscreen - you really never know when you're going to have a conversation outside, so if you forget to put it on at home - keep an extra 50SPF in your drawer to avoid skin damage on face and hands. I like this one.

6. Prepped meals - We love Eat Organix lunches and dinners the most! Tammy Nguyen is a Fit Girl Club member and cofounder of Eat Organix, so not only is this is freshest meal delivery service, but you support a fellow woman in business. In return, she'll help you achieve the weight loss goals through eating healthy and without a fuss.  Try the program for 5 days and use code email Tammy tammy@eatorganix.com - tell her your a Fit Girl for 15% off your first delivery. Packed in biodegradable packaging and using organic ingredients, yes please! Thank you!


7. A coffee mug. Your very own mug that defines you as a person. Not only will this mug make you smile, but you'll never have to use plastic for a glass of water and can always have tea. 

8. Lastly, Anti Bad Vibes Spray - refresh your space with this crisp, clean antibacterial good-smelling spray from a local in Venice that I've never met. I love this spray so much.