How to Survive a Busy Work Week

We all have those weeks where attending a workout class is a luxury. So if you can't make it to a gym, we suggest joining this month's virtual studio of the month Mission 360! 

To be prepared is to stay focused... Below are a range of emotions you might also experience throughout a busy work week and ways I prevent disruption in my production... 

- HANGRY - What a waste of time! A good rule of mine to avoid serious mood swings is to stay fueled which helps me stay alert and why I am really loving Eat Organix lunch and dinner meal delivery this past month! If I'm not prepared, I can end up spending $50 or more on just one meal during the week from Postmates or going out to dinner.  I've been so thankful for having these salads and dinners ready to eat PLUS I trust that all the ingredients are sourced organically and responsibly.  For the dinners, sometimes I put two of them out and eat them tapas style with my boyfriend and we share, so if you have dinner plans or have some recipes you wanted to try this week - you can easily mix and match the meals with someone you love. 

Email Fit Girl Club member Tammy and start your delivery today- plus a 15% discount for being a Fit Girl!

- SAD - It's scientifically impossible to be sad after a workout thanks to our body's endorphins and serotonin! I'm running around so much sometimes that I can't find the energy to make the gym - which is why I have a membership to Mission 360, a virtual studio offering online classes with some of the best teachers. I suggest taking Maxine Hupy's Beach Ballet Body then conveniently hopping into your own shower. We just hosted a meet up at Bloomingdales featuring this class too!

- FOR HAPPY - When you're happy, it's the best time to practice self-care and self-love. Lather on some of Fit Girl Club's favorite coconut oil for an at home hair conditioning treatment one night after taking a restorative yoga or meditation class online. Buy one here and your purchase also gives someone in need a full meal. Do good while looking and feeling good :)


- FOR STRESS - Essential oils always! Keep them in your purse and remind yourself to keep them close. Not surprising to wellness experts, these scents really do change moods. My favorite is turning on a diffuser and adding uplifting or gentle blends. We like DoLife LA. 

- FOR COMFORT - Head over to Joi's store Rocks & Silk to treat yourself to some new pajamas or just some good girl time. All Fit Girls get 15% off too!

 Eberjay pajamas are so soft and a must have!

Eberjay pajamas are so soft and a must have!