Studio Spotlight: Burn Babe Fitness

What kind of classes do you offer on your schedule?

Every workout at BURN BABE includes cardio conditioning, functional movement, and strength training which will increase your metabolism and lean muscle tone all while decreasing your body fat for incredible results in all the right places. The workouts change daily so you will never hit a plateau and you will never get bored with your routine. We know our babes are busy so we pack everything you need into a quick 45 minute class. This is HIIT at it's best with exercises designed specifically for women.  Our class types include:
Full Body Burn
Lower Body Burn
Upper Body Burn
Core & Ab Burn
Babe Booty Burn
Super Girl Burn
Cardio Bunny Burn
Tabata Burn
Jump & Burn
Hold, Pulse & Burn
Squad Burn

When did your studio open?

We opened our pop up studio in April 2017 and after 2 awesome months there, moved to a permanent space on Melrose Ave. in June 2017.  We have been rockin it here ever since!

Be honest. How easy is it to park?

Pretty easy!  We have 2 hour open parking on our cross streets at Fuller and Martel, usually with ample parking available.  There are also usually spots along Melrose for metered parking. In the early morning classes, the meters don't start until 8am and there are always spots right out front available!

Are there any upcoming special events or workshops?

We are starting our Burn Babe "Fall into Fitness" Challenge next week!  It is a 30 day fitness and nutrition challenge designed to keep the participants on track through the tough holiday season.  We give a full food plan at our kickoff nutrition seminar.  In addition to our regular classes (which challengers get points for attending), we also assign extra credit workouts that are designed for helping the challengers reach their goals.  We always see our participants lose inches, body fat, and gain strength, lean muscle, and develop healthier lifestyle habits that they can continue on with long after the challenge is over.  It's also a fun way to connect with the other ladies in the community and make more "fitness friends" who share your same healthy habits and will encourage you.  The kickoff seminar is Saturday, November 3rd at 11:30am and the challenge officially starts on November 5th!  We have options for Burn Babe members and also a Non-Member option for ladies who may not be a regular at our studio but are looking for a little extra push this holiday season.  You can email us at to get more info or sign up!

What is your best selling membership package and why do think that is?

We usually see most people join for our 6 month or 12 month unlimited membership.  With the longer commitment, the monthly price goes down.  Most new clients start with our introductory special for $99 for 1 month of unlimited classes to see if our workout is the right fit for them.  Usually the girls love it and are already seeing awesome results after the first month so they go ahead and join for the 6 or 12 month package.

What makes you love sharing your place of practice?

I love fitness and Burn Babe gives me the opportunity to share my love of fitness with other women.  It's so amazing to have ladies come to Burn Babe and watch them fall in love with fitness as well.  They embrace their strength and take charge of their health and it's so awesome to watch that transformation.  I think many times people look at working out or eating healthy as a chore so we aim to make our workouts fun, interesting, and invigorating which keeps our girls excited and coming back for more.  It's also awesome to have a place where women can go to connect with other women and feel empowered as a community.

Who teaches at this studio?

Our class instructors are:
Myself- Holly Holton @hollyinhollywood
Viviana Woodward @vivafaction
Tiffany Ragozzino @theprettylittlelifters
Meagan Ward @meagamoves
Dr. Holly Lucille @drhollylucille

What kind of retail do you sell?

We have Burn Babe branded gym apparel as well as a variety of supplements that help with pre and post workout.  We also have a partnership with Territory foods meal delivery service for those that want a little extra help and ease with their day to day clean eating!

Last, what should a new student of your studio know? 

That our workout is for everyone!  We have women of all different ages and fitness levels in our class and our workout can be tailored to anyone's individual needs.  No one should ever feel intimidated to come to Burn Babe!  Our workouts are designed for everyone to move at the pace that is best for them and we will give you positive encouragement along the way.  We offer the first class for free and then a $99 month unlimited intro special for all new clients.  We also have special discounts for ladies who come to us through the Fit Girl Club!