Meet Alyssa Sparks

What kind of classes do you teach?

Pilates (both reformer and mat), Barre, and my signature Pilates Sculpt Fusion incorporating mat Pilates with body-sculpting barre exercises and HIIT intervals!

Where were you raised and where do you currently live? Age, if ok.

I was born and raised in Oak Park, California, and I am a proud California native! I am 30 years old, and I currently live in Culver City, CA.

What motivates you to get up in the morning?

The ability to work with people and motivate them everyday, in turn, motivates me! My clients continue to push themselves and in turn, they believe in me as their trainer to support them throughout their journey. I feel grateful to have that opportunity and look forward to each new day for that reason!

Is there a book you’re reading right now?

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert! I've read this book in full and always enjoy reading it again. I feel like I walk away with something different each time which I love.

If you could only do two workouts a week, what would it be?

Pilates, hands down! It has changed my life in more ways then I can express, and I truly feel like it is the full body workout I need. I love adding in boxing and rowing as well, so if I can fit those in each week I would be happy!

Is there a teacher that you love learning from?

I think the day you think you know it all and don't have anything to learn from is the day you stop growing. I absolutely love learning from all teachers in all types of fitness because everyone has their own philosophies. We each have our own cues, our own mindset, and our own way of articulating our craft. I love when I hear a teacher in a different genre say or do something that makes my light bulb go off!

What is your favorite way to spend a day outdoors?

I absolutely love spending time near the water. My husband and I love taking a big beach towel to the beach, regardless of the season (hello California weather!), and watching the water. It's so soothing, and we are so lucky to be so close to the water so we have to enjoy it!

Are there any charities you support?

I am a big supporter of breast cancer research, with my mother being a breast cancer survivor. I support by donating and participating in as many local events as possible.

Where can we find you teaching classes?

I teach private Pilates in Santa Monica out of Plumb Line Pilates, with the bulk of my teaching being at Sony Pictures Entertainment, focusing on private clients and special projects on-site. I have a corporate clientele where I also teach weekly group classes at William Morris Endeavor and Universal Music Group, as well as traveling to client's homes for private sessions.  

To get in on my group classes, you can find me hosting quarterly events in Culver City and Santa Monica teaching my signature Pilates Sculpt Fusion class! My next event is Saturday, December 1st at The Platform in Culver City, so mark your calendars!  

Last, what is in your gym bag?

A little of everything!

- a collagen protein bar from Primal Kitchen

- an extra sports bra, shirt, and pair of tights to change after my own workout in between clients!  

- wireless headphones  

- my Swell water bottle that always has water with fresh lemon slices, ginger, and mint  

- an endless supply of hair ties!

- perfume and deodorant

- lip gloss and mascara! Gotta look fresh for a long day of clients

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