Studio Spotlight: RiseNation CO

What kind of classes do you offer on your schedule?

We offer 30-minute HIIT movement classes centered around the Versa Climber. Each class is curated to music and specific lighting design to help keep you motivated and invested in the climb ahead. Expect to work your entire body, sweat, and reach new heights each and every time.

We offer four levels of classes. Level 1,2,3 and a Mile High Climb.

Level 1 is where we recommend and encourage everyone to begin their journey (even the overzealous fit types). Here you will learn the lingo and build a strong foundation as you acclimate to the machine. 

Level 2 includes fast-paced choreography, and changes tempo, stroke length, and speed each and every class. 

Level 3 is a 45-minute class, and not for the feint of heart! Imagine Level 2 on steroids, and frequently co-taught so you can get more moves, more energy, and a higher calorie burn all in one place. 

Our Mile High Climb has one goal in mind--to climb 5280 feet in one go! We cap these classes at 60minutes and they incorporate not only choreography on the machine, but a coach to help you push and reach past your limits. 

When did your studio open?

Our studios open Spring 2019, in Highlands and Cherry Creek first.

Best parking advice?

We offer partially validated spaces in the lot above us, metered parking, and residential parking at both locations. With a class being only 30 minutes, there is time to sweat, shower, and be on your way before your meter is up!

Are there any upcoming special events or workshops?

We are a part of multiple pop-up events all around the city leading up to opening. Check out our instagram page to learn more of our whereabouts each week. Next up is Highlands Wellness Week kicking off at Oasis Brewery 12-2pm on Sunday March 3rd.

What is your best selling membership package and why do think that is?

We're offering the public a chance to come try us out for just $1/day while reservations last! For 14 days, you can sweat with us as much as you'd like, experience a variety of times and instructors, to help find your groove. Each reservation unlocks a discounted Founding Membership option of 12x a month (3x a week) for $20 off the standard monthly rate. Only available while reservations last, and includes a 14 day trial to make sure it's a great fit for you!

What makes you love sharing your place of practice?

RiseNation is a place where community is encouraged, people are celebrated, and we can all come together to really truly sweat and workout. There is no place to coast, and you're going to work! but the benefits are insanely worth it. In addition, the movement is promotes ideal posture and the correct anatomical position for you body, all while being zero impact on your joints! 

Did I mention there is an entire light show on the ceiling?! 

Who teaches at this studio?

Instructors from all walks of life have found the RiseNation calling! We have strength and conditioning coaches, cyclists, dancers, and yogis alike bringing their own unique style and personality to the stage.

Are there any charities you support? If so, what ones?

We love to support local here in Denver. Our upcoming Colorado Launch Party (April 4th) is co-hosted by The Denver Boys and Girls Club. Every $14/ for 14 days purchased that evening, and 10% of the first month of  Founding Memberships will go directly back to the Boys and Girls Club.

What type of retail do you sell?

We sell apparel ranging from tanks, sweats, jackets, hoodies, and weighted vests (for the extra climbing challenge). In addition we will have grab and go nutrition items in the studio as well as some additional touches from our local retail partners.

Last, what should a new student of your studio know? 

Don't be afraid, be curious. We all learned this movement patter (cross-crawl) as infants, but have really moved away from crawling and into sitting! So, it may feel a little awkward for the first few minutes, but it's movement your body knows. 2-3 classes will have you comfortably uncomfortable, but leaving you with a feeling of accomplishment, and possibly a little addiction. Between the music, lights, and people, we promise to take care of you from the moment you walk through the doors. 

When in doubt, look up! 

Instagram: @risenationco