Meet Millana Snow

What kind of classes do you teach?

Energy healing and breathwork.

Where were you raised and where do you currently live? Age, if ok. 

I’m originally from Denver CO, and grew up between Boulder and LA. New York is home as I lived there through my teens and 20’s. I live in LA now!

What motivates you to get up in the morning?

The promise of the unfolding of more love and goodness in my life, the ones I love and in the world.

Is there a book you’re reading right now?

A few right now, the most recent addition is Micheal Pollan’s How to Change Your Mind.

If you could only do two workouts a week, what would it be?

Yoga and work out with my personal trainer.

Is there a teacher that you love learning from?

Yes so many, my teacher Dr. Clara Mosley. I also am really eager to learn more from Paul Stamets and Joanna Macy who both recently spoke at Bioneers.

What is your favorite way to spend a day outdoors?

I love hiking but I also love the beach on hot days! If I could have both that’s the best day! I just love nature and with my dog it’s the best.

Are there any charities you support?

Yes many, but I give monthly to OxFam, which focuses on the global effort of the alleaviation of poverty.

Where can we find you teaching classes?

I have online course launching in the Spring and my first energy healing workshop intensive in LA March 16th.

Last, what is in your gym bag?

Ha ha right now journals and pens!

Instagram: @millanasnow founder of @wellnessofficial