5 Places to Re-Center Yourself in LA

Sometimes you just want to get in your car and go somewhere quiet. Here are five places that we love in Los Angeles for those times you need to reflect and restore. Let us know where you go!

1.) Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine 

So many friends have said this is by far the most serene place in Los Angeles, so I had to check it out. Everyone is welcome and there is only a parking fee. 

2.) unplug meditation 

3.) Den Meditation (off La Brea)

4.) Pause Float Studio (Venice)

I went here when it first opened and it was my second time in a sensory deprivation salt tank, so I knew to expect although this place was on another level as far as design and cleanliness. The experience is one to try and probably ignited one of my most creative hours. They have showers there in private rooms, so you can shower before and after the salt bath. Shampoo, conditioner and basic amenities are provided, but I suggest having a pair of water friendly flip flops. Bring a notebook and headphones too - there's some great spaces to just write and reflect from before/after your one hour session. The cost is . 

5.) Mystic Journey