From Soho to Venice: Karen Lord Pilates Movement

Your Name?

Karen Lord

What kind of classes do you offer on your schedule?

Group glasses; reformer and mat

When did your studio open?

This location opened October 2018

Be honest. How easy is it to park?

Depending upon the time of day, there’s plenty of street parking but meters and garage always

What is your best selling membership package and why do think that is?

Group class packages

What makes you love sharing your place of practice?

The space is beautiful and people love to work out with us in it

Who teaches at this studio?

Karen Lord and four other staff trainers

What kind of retail do you sell?

Apparel and bags

Last, what should a new student of your studio know? 

We work with all levels of students with all body types and injuries as well as pre/post natal

Chapter: L.ATara Washburn