Studio Spotlight: Grit Cycle Anaheim Hills

What kind of classes do you offer on your schedule?

We offer 45 minutes spin class in the morning and evening

When did your studio open?

This location opened June 8th, 2018

Best Parking advice?

It's very easy! There's lots of parking available in the Imperial Promenade, where we're located.

Are there any upcoming special events or workshops?

Our next event is the Brea 8K on February 24th. We've got a group of Grit clients and riders all going to run and to Lululemon Brea after for stretching and cool down classes at the Fountain Plaza

What is your best selling membership package and why do think that is?

Our best selling package is hands down our New Client Special. It's the best way for new clients to get some more classes without the fear of a huge commitment. It also allows them to try a few different instructors and class times to find out their favorites!

What makes you love sharing your place of practice?

I love seeing others fall in love with Grit just how I did. It's pretty great seeing someone come in for the first time, a little timid and apprehensive, then seeing them walk out of class with a huge smile on their face.

Who teaches at this studio?

We've got a seriously amazing crew of instructors here, and a lot of them teach at other locations as well, so if you can't make it to Anaheim Hills, you can probably catch them at another location. We've got Kelsey, Christy, Reina, Steph, Chandler, Lauren, Ritter, Kai, Hillary, Carina, Tony, Amanda F, Amanda G, Danielle, and Brittany!

Are there any charities you support? If so, what ones?

We always support the John Wayne Cancer Foundation, and we choose three to four local charities per month to donate to.

What type of retail do you sell?

The bulk of our retail is athletic wear, but we also feature some loungewear and Grit swag, such as hats, water bottles, and mugs!

Last, what should a new student of your studio know? 

New students at our studio should know that their first class is complimentary! We also supply you with your own towel, as well as spin shoes and a nice cool eucalyptus towel at the end of your ride.

instagram: @gritcycle