Meet Spin Teacher Grace Montie

What kind of classes do you teach? I teach an immersive and exhilarating spin class that challenges you physically, mentally and emotionally to help people prepare/overcome whatever life throws your way! My teaching style falls somewhere between therapist & stand-up comedian & drill sergeant.

Where were you raised and where do you currently live? Age, if ok. I was raised in Dallas, TX and I currently live in West Hollywood, California. I am 26 years old :)

What motivates you to get up in the morning? Honestly, coffee. Aaaaand if we wanna be a little bit deeper - teaching spin makes me feel like I have a purpose in encouraging others, which usually gives me an important intention for my daily life.

Is there a book you’re reading right now? I am constantly reading & re-reading anything and everything by Brene Brown.

If you could only do two workouts a week, what would it be? Spin & Spin.

Is there a teacher that you love learning from? There is, but he's not a fitness instructor. My acting coach/teacher/mentor/friend, Glenn Morshower, is my favorite person to learn from. He focuses on keeping a positive mental state to get you where you want to be, always rooted in truth. I quote him often in my spin classes :)

What is your favorite way to spend a day outdoors? Hike! I love to hike at Griffith Park

Are there any charities you support? Having the pleasure of working with Cyclebar has given me the opportunity to instruct rides benefitting various organizations.

Where can we find you teaching classes?Cyclebar West Hollywood !!!

Last, what is in your gym bag?My spin shoes, a change of clothes, and an inordinate amount of socks.

@gracemontie @cyclebarweho