Meet Rachel Fox

What kind of classes do you teach? meditation, crystal healing, guided visualization

Where were you raised and where do you currently live? Age, if ok. Raised in Dallas, 4 years in LA, now back in Dallas @ 28 years old.

What motivates you to get up in the morning? The idea that there is experience to deepen my knowledge about myself + the world.

Is there a book you’re reading right now? Getting The Love You Want by Hathor Hendrix

If you could only do two workouts a week, what would it be? Yin yoga + good power vinyasa flow - balance!

Is there a teacher that you love learning from? I am forever learning from my mentors + teachers Ben Decker + Jamie Wozny @ The Den Meditation in LA.

What is your favorite way to spend a day outdoors? Hiking + natural gemstone hunting with my boyfriend Will (@dallaswilds)!

Are there any charities you support? I am leading a collaborative trip in November with the RipplEffect Foundation - it is all about #womenempowered!

Where can we find you teaching classes? At the studio I own, The Refuge Meditation, in Dallas, TX, occasionally back home with my friends around LA + on retreat all over the globe!

Last, what is in your gym bag? So many loose crystals, an essential oil roller blend by The Refuge essential oil maven Leigha McCathren, a mini Rider Waite tarot deck, my Sanuk yoga slings, some cute Athleta leggings + maybe my Saje pocket pharmacy (can't live without the Peppermint Halo)... you see where my priorities are!