Studio Spotlight: I Love Kickboxing

What kind of classes do you offer on your schedule?We offer group fitness classes combining body weight resistance training with kickboxing technique to provide a killer full body workout! Each class is formatted the same.

When did your studio open? December 6th, 2017

Class Description Our workouts are a combination of cardio, stamina, and resistance training to give you a well rounded full body workout! We begin with a 15 minute warm up where we incorporate HIIT and different body weight resistance exercises to get all the muscles fired up! We will go through a 7 minute stretch after our warm up, and then move into the bag rounds (kickboxing time!) There are 6, 3 minute rounds with 1 minute break between rounds. We will finish class with cooperative conditioning and that will finish the hour long class!

Best parking advice? We have a parking lot behind the studio. Best place to park for class.

Are there any upcoming special events or workshops? We have an "old school hip hop theme night" on April 18th! Once a month we host a theme night where members and instructors dress up to a theme and we jam to the themed music.

What is your best selling membership package and why do think that is? Our best selling package is our 6month unrestricted program. I find the 6month program to be a commitment that many people can handle. It is long enough to the point that you will see results if you stay commited and it is short enough period of time for people to believe they can continue training for the time period. The price point is very reasonable ($145/mo) and it allows our members to attend as many classes as they would like throughout their program with no restrictions.

What makes you love sharing your place of practice? I love our community that we have established in our studio. Our classes are truly a blast. Always high energy, and intense, but the members truly make our studio what it is. We have a very family-oriented vibe in here. There is no judgement in here and all of our members are so welcoming to newcomers! The more the merrier

Who teaches at this studio? We have about 8 trainers that teach classes:

Aaron Medeiros (myself)

Monique Martin

Jacob McKitrick

Lorena Pena

Gregoria Arambula

Juliana Medeiros (new hire)

Jennifer Wilsey (new hire)

Cassidy Huie

Are there any charities you support? If so, what ones? We use SWEAT ANGELS via facebook for our charities. Every month Sweat Angels partners us up with a charity organization to donate to. our members can check in on facebook and hashtag our "hashtag of the month" and every time a member checks in to the studio and uses our hashtag, our company donates to the charity on our behalf. This month of March the hashtag is #vitamins4kids every time our members check in we provide a vitamin for children in need.

What type of retail do you sell? We sell tank tops/t shirts/hoodies/gear bags/ boxing gloves/ water bottles/ hats/ handwraps/ leggings

Last, what should a new student of your studio know? Our classes are designed for ALL LEVELS! Everything exercise we do in the studio can be modified to work around any injuries or disabilities. We believe that EVERYONE deserves to workout if they want to no matter what the age or disabilities! We are all about having FUN! But we're all about serving up an amazing workout as well. Come in with an open mind and a good attitude!