Studio Spotlight: Crunch Fitness

What kind of classes do you offer on your schedule? Personal Training

When did your studio open? years ago

Best parking advice? Residential area so fairly easy—street parking as well as parking garages

Are there any upcoming special events or workshops? Guest passes available, dj nights

What is your best selling membership package and why do think that is? Each package is different pertaining to the clients goals—best selling in general is a 20 pack or 30 pack to ensure significant training during the week for months on-end

What makes you love sharing your place of practice? Seeing the smiles on my clients faces when they achieve their goals. I love being able to help share my knowledge and expertise to aid in the achievement of orhers’ goals.

Who teaches at this studio? Personal trainers and group fitness instructors

Are there any charities you support? If so, what ones? not currently

What type of retail do you sell? Apparel, supplements, workout accessories, snacks, drinks, etc.

Last, what should a new student of your studio know? That their dream goals are waiting for them right through our doors!