New Studio Spotlight: Mindset Brain Gym in Toronto

What kind of classes do you offer on your schedule?

Meditation, breathwork

When did your studio open?

July 2018

Best parking advice?

Might get lucky on the street but we'd recco the TTC, we're steps from Bloor Yonge and Bay stations.

Are there any upcoming special events or workshops?

Live sound bath March 1st 8pm

What is your best selling membership package and why do think that is?

Unlimited membership for those to embrace a more mindful lifestyle and community :)

What makes you love sharing your place of practice?

Changing lives and improving the well-being of our clients every day through meditation and breath.

Who teaches at this studio?

Sarah Kraftchuk, Stacy Chang-Christoforou (Irie Soul), Lara Wharton (Listen Lightly), Sean Finnell (co founder), Steve Beattie (Wim Hot)

Are there any charities you support? If so, what ones?

Baycrest Brain Health

What type of retail do you sell?

Books, essential oils, Muse meditation headbands, ergonomic meditation seating, silk sleep masks, BLXR Brain Fuel

Last what should a new student of your studio know? 

Don't be intimidated to try out a group mindfulness class – we cater to first time meditators in every class we have :)

Instagram: @mindsetbraingym